Keeping goals in your mind is key in manifesting your desires. Written goals and vision boards are great, and you should visit them at least once a day. But there are also ways to help keep you on track and provide little conscious and unconscious reminders throughout your day. Think of them as a vision board deconstructed.

When using visionboards or visionboard alternatives, make sure your focus is on having already acquired these items. For instance, if you make a money themed visionboard, but all it does is focus you on the lack of money, don’t use it. Use these focal points to believe you already have achieved your goals.

Phoning in Your Desires

How many times a day do you touch your smartphone? How many times do you hear your ring/text tones? See the lock screen and wallpaper? Pick things that focus on your goals. Want a new car, use a photo of the exact car that you want for your lock screen and wallpaper. Money goals? Pick a money oriented song for your ring/text tone. I have an old fashioned cash register ding for my text tone and it makes me smile every time it goes off. Just make sure you give a critical listen to any song before you pick it, you wouldn’t want one that has a negative focus buried in the lyrics.



Big Impact from Little Vision Boards

Collage apps make it easy to make small vision boards. Make three or four different collages and print them out. Put them in places that you see several times a day. Try eye level on the refrigerator door, just above your key hook, your bathroom mirror, or put a frame next to your computer. Does your afternoon commute require you to drive into the sun at certain times of the year? Tape one on your car’s visor so that when you flip it down, you have a piece of your goals in front of you. The possibilities are endless with these little vision boards.


Hydrating with Style and Manifesting Your Dreams

We all reach for coffee mugs and water bottles multiple times a day. Want to take that dream vacation to Tahiti? After a quick search on eBay, you can get a souvenir mug sent your way. Looking for that lifelong relationship? Buy yourself a “#1 Wife” or “World’s Best Husband” mug. (A word of caution here, busting out one of these mugs at work where everyone knows you’re single can lead to rolling eyes, raised eyebrows, and wagging tongues.) Want to move to the Big Apple? The internet will be happy to provide you with a Times Square water bottle.

There are also many places that will put your photo and text on mugs or water bottles. These are fantastic custom visual reminders.


The Keys to Your Desires

Other daily items you can convert into goal reminders are keys and keychains. Much like buying a souvenir coffee mug, keychains from all over the world are readily available online. Once we zeroed in on Florida as our moving destination, I dug out a keychain from Walt Disney World that we used as a zipper pull on our travel backpack.

Keys and keychains don’t just have to be of the souvenir variety. If wealth is what you desire, you could find a keychain that is a gold bar or Krugerrand replica. If you are comfortable enough putting your money where your keys are, you can visit a coin dealer or jeweler and carry the real thing.

You don’t have to wait on the car to carry a Jaguar or Mercedes key on your ring. Extra remote entry key fobs and keys are readily available online. Do you remember the “My other car is a…” bumper stickers?  There’s no need for a sticker on the back of your old Honda, you have that Cadillac key fob to remind you that your other car is an Escalade.


 The Possibilities are Limitless and So Are You

There are so many other ways to keep your eyes on the prize, so to speak. The internet makes it easy to find just about any representation of a place or thing, and if not, technology allows you to create custom items to be delivered to your door. I love using CVS for my prints and custom photo products. They are nearby and the photo shop always has some sort of deal on custom photo products like mugs, canvas prints, posters, and even cell phone cases. Click the CVS link for ideas.

Do you have any little reminders of your goals that you use on a daily basis? I’d love to hear about it and any other thoughts about keeping your focus. Drop me a comment down below.

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4 thoughts on “Vision Boards Deconstructed

  1. Thank you for the advice. It is very important to help motivate yourself with your dreams and aspirations. It is easy to give into failure when things are not quite where you want them to be. I have 3 ventures I am doing and in my home office, I have all three logos framed and hanging on my wall. I will remember these things to help me in my goals.

    1. Goals do make nice wall art. Good luck on all three of your ventures. See it as done and you will achieve it!

    1. Thank you so much. It’s definitely a passion project. I hope you always find something of value when you stop by!

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