Do you know where you are going? Do you know how you are getting there? It’s all about progress, goals, and manifesting your dreams. Some discover their perceived route and never deviate from it, even if shortcuts come along. Others make a plan but keep their options open. Both can be successful journeys, but one way can be harder and more, let’s say adventurous, than the other. It’s easy to learn the Stepping Goal System for manifesting your dreams.

When a rock climber sets out to summit a peak, they do not stand at the bottom and stare up until they have figured out every single finger and toe hold. They may look at several angles and come up with a rough idea of their path, but their main focus is on the larger goal: reaching the top. The entire journey happens by finding one hold after another.

Likewise, when you are driving in the dark, you may know your destination and your route, but your concentration is limited to the range of your headlights. You keep your focus there and on that part of your journey until you arrive at your destination. Interstate 10 does not have to be fully illuminated from Houston to Mobile for you to get there in the dark. (And I promise you, there are plenty of dark, dark places along that highway.)

Determine Your Dream

What is it that you desire? Wealth and abundance? A big house? A life partner? New car? Is a combination goal? The sky’s the limit here.Dream of an elephant and giraffe in the sky

Close your eyes and let your imagination run wild. If at any point you think, oh, no that would be too much, stop and ask yourself why you believe that. As you examine your thoughts and find something you truly believe is out of your realm of achievement, don’t toss that goal away. Jot down the over the top goal and tell yourself that once you achieve the goal path you are about to lay out, then you will re-examine it and see if you still believe it’s unachievable. (I’m betting not!)

Once you’ve found a goal that stretches you, but that doesn’t seem impossible (and nothing really is impossible) write down, as simply as possible, that goal. For this example, we will be using financial abundance and wealth, or the old fashioned pile of money as we call it. What dollar amount in the bank does that mean to you? A million dollars? Two million? Ten million? Let’s keep it an even million for simplicity’s sake.

Now why do you want a million dollars? What does that represent to you? Financial stability? Security? Peace of mind? If you had a million dollars in the bank, what would you do right now? Quit your job? Start your own business? Quit your job and find more rewarding work? Take a long vacation? Pay off credit cards and other debts? Buy a larger house?

For example:

I want a million dollars in the bank so I can start my own business, pay off my debts and move into a larger house.

Okay, so the goals are:

Million dollars in the bank

Work for myself

Debt freedom

Larger home

Hey, you don’t have one goal. You have four goals. Do they dependent on each other? No. There are lots of people who pay off all their debt that don’t have a larger home or a million dollars in the bank. Do you have to have a million dollars in order to start your own business? Well, if you are looking for a large business yes, but do you even know what kind of business you want to own? There are many startups that are way less than a million dollars. Are you working a job now that pays you enough to have a million dollars in the bank? If so, how long would it take?

Emotionalize the Goal

Take each of the smaller parts of the goal and focus on it. You really want to put as much feeling and emotions as you can as you focus and visualize each of these parts. Let’s see how this works with our example.

Million dollars- Close your eyes for a minute and imagine this scenario: You wake up on a Saturday morning and feel compelled to sign onto your bank account. You’re available balance is $1,000,100.00. You will be hit by a wall of emotions. Holy ^@&%! Wait, this must be a mistake. You check your recent deposits and you see the mega amount was deposited by The Universe. If that stretches your imagination to a point of disbelief, you can make it something like your future company’s name. Do what it takes to make this believable and then feel the joy and elation that this deposit brings out in you.

Working for yourself- What does your business look like? Imagine it is suddenly in its full prime. Do you have a place of business that you go to or do you work from home? Are you working from your laptop at a ski resort in the mountains? What’s your schedule like? Ask these questions of yourself and feel what it would be like if it was completely done and well established.

Rubber stamp that says PaidDebt Freedom- Imagine opening a letter and seeing a balance of zero on each of your accounts. Want to get some realism in this situation? If you can use a photo editor, you can take a picture of an existing bill and photoshop it to show paid in full. You could also make up a letter from your mortgage company (or whatever) congratulating you on your paid in full status. How would that walk from the mailbox feel? Would your feet even hit the ground?

Larger home- Imagine you are walking through the door of the perfect house. Put your hand on the front door and slowly open it up. Take a tour in your head of each room, feel the perfectness of the colors and furniture and layout. Add as much detail as you can. See your pictures on the wall and your curios on the shelves. My dream house has lots of storage, so in my walkthrough, I open doors to perfectly organized closets. Spend the time to imagine your family and friends here, each congratulating you on your new home. Revel in it.

Move Towards the Goals

You have your goal, with each of its parts. You know what each part feels like and can visualize it clearly with emotion. Now go get it.

With your goal segmented, you can begin your path towards achieving the goal.Stepping stones leading to land

Think of your goal as being across a body of water. You have to make your way to the goal. You know that whole journey/single step thing? That’s what you have to do. One stepping stone at a time. Break it down and think, what is directly in front of me and how can I achieve it?

Sometimes you can see several stepping stones at a time. That’s great that you have a pathway ahead of you, but you still need to be mindful of the now. Take that one step deliberately and with purpose. Focus on it and achieve it. If you cannot see the path beyond the next stone, there are no worries. Just as the highway is just beyond your headlights the stepping stone is there.

As a student of Law of Attraction, I can tell you straight up that all of the teachers and all of the books agree that you do not have to know the how. You just have to believe and know the why. The how will always be revealed.

Each stepping stone should be celebrated. Keep the celebrations in perspective (?) with the step, larger steps, larger celebration. But even if it’s a teeny, tiny step make sure you at least give yourself a high five. It’s really important to acknowledge each part of the journey, great and small, with emotion.

Your Multi Path Pathway

Sometimes as you are focused on your pathway, a stone to one of the other parts of the goal will be revealed. If you can see more than one pathway at a time, center yourself before making the choice and taking the step. Very rarely will you diverge that the other possible step won’t magically move so that it is always available. It’s all about timing and often the unexpected can lead you closer to your goal.

Stuck on a Stone

When you find yourself stuck, and it will happen occasionally, don’t force it and leap into the abyss. You don’t want to take action simply for taking action. Your action should always be inspired action. When you find you have no inspired action in front of you look for inspiration rather than action. Create your own stone by learning. Spend the time to refocus your goals. Open a book pertaining to what you want to do. Drive through that neighborhood that you desire. Have patience and know that if you focus, the next step will always be revealed. Perhaps it is just a matter of timing. Don’t think of it as a waste of time, don’t get discouraged. Shore yourself up and have another look around.

Attachments to the Steps

Stepping stones with a bridge next to itAs you make your way along your path, don’t get so attached to the next step that you don’t notice a walkway that bridges a gap that you are working on. When you are feeling good and making progress, it’s pretty common for the universe to bring to you a way to speed the progress. It could be a random meeting with a stranger, a check in the mail, or a sudden idea that wakes you up in the middle of the night. Inspiration and assistance can come from anywhere at any time.

When you are on a roll, you may find yourself with an even quicker path or boat to your goal. Lightning strike manifestations are a very real thing. Ask any lotto winner.

Searching for Land

It’s okay to occasionally acknowledge where you are in relation to your goals. It is human nature to want to judge distance and time, but don’t obsess. We should always be forward facing in our actions and intents. When you can’t see your goals in the distance, you can acknowledge how far you’ve come down the path. You don’t want to dwell on the steps or if you think you made missteps. “What if I had” or “If I had only” can become a mighty trap. If you are going to look back, always do so from a point of celebration. Feel good about how far you’ve come, never focus or relent on how far you have to go. You never know when you’ll find a boat.

Do you have a goal system that you like to use? Do you recognize your milestones or focus only on the end goal? I’d love to hear about it, so comment below.



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14 thoughts on “The Stepping Goal System for Manifesting Your Dreams

  1. Susie

    I am big believer in creating lists. Starting broad “long term” and then narrowing the focus “daily.”
    And then taking action.
    It’s important to have a realistic view of your goals. Life has a tendency of getting in the way of what we want to accomplish. Sometimes it’s just the simple act of quickly checking email. It’s all about the idea of taking a step forward no matter how small the step.

    1. You’re absolutely right. Lists are fantastic for keeping your next steps in mind. Just don’t go overboard and make an un-achievable list that overwhelms you from doing the next task. And never get discouraged when you get derailed by emails or other things popping up. I find that when that happens to me, I have a new idea that improves the task(s) that was derailed.

  2. Hi, I found your article quite interesting as a read. The steps you pointed out seem to be in the right order however, I’m not sure whether I could actually put any of this into practice. Even if I did visualize my goals I would have absolutely no idea how to start walking this road. My main problem comes from my inabiIily to emotionalize. I guess I’m gonna have to work on that.

    1. It can seem difficult if you feel stuck, but start small and believe you can do it. Once you have the belief, the emotions, and start focusing, the next step will reveal itself. Keep in mind that sometimes that step can simply be a matter of learning from someone who has what you desire. It’s also important to remember there are no wrong steps. There is only progress and learning. Once you find that first step, then you can search for the next.

  3. Honestly I love the information, having a vision is essential to getting anything done What do you think about writing out your goals twice a day?

    1. Thanks, Tony. Reviewing or “visiting” your goals twice a day is really important, but I don’t usually write them. However, writing things out by hand does activate different parts of the brain than reading or typing. If it feels like you get a benefit from writing them, by all means keep it up! You may really be on to something. I touch on different ways to visit your goals twice a day here:

  4. Thank you for this. I often lay in bed trying to sleep with all these ideas and how to put them into what I am doing so I can achieve this and that, But it is like a mental notebook to me. because as I think of them I write them down. Then they start to become a thing of organizing them into steps. So this post really was a nice thing for me to read.

    1. Keeping a notebook is a great way to keep track of potential steps. I’m a post-it note gal with ideas and possible steps, but it makes for a messy desk. I also fill the memos app in my phone like crazy. I may go back to carrying a little notebook like I did before smartphones. Thanks!

  5. Hi Susie,
    Thanks for this great and informative post. I always try to emotionalize the dream/goal. I think that is one of the most important steps to manifesting that some people miss. Thanks again for the great information!

    1. It is one of the most important steps and I agree that people miss it. Emotions are a powerful part of going after your dreams. I’m glad you liked the post.

  6. I really love your scenario about the million + in your bank account one morning and as I read it I really imagined what that would feel like and it filled me with such a beautiful emotion. You map manifestation so beautifully in this post and I really appreciate you for it! I find that visualization is the key to getting what you want in life and it is the law of the universe! A vibrational match that starts with our thoughts and emotions 🙂 Thanks for teaching the rest of us

    1. Oh, that makes me so excited to hear. I love, love, love it when I help someone discover their power. Keep that feeling and return to it often. Emotions really are key to manifesting our desires. Thank you for the comment.

  7. Hi Suzie,

    Thanks for the great information. Everything starts with a thought, and if you can believe it you can achieve it. I imagine already having a million dollars; I use dream boards and motivational messages plastered around the house to remind me of my goals. Of course I have developed a 2 – 5 year plan with all the things I need to do and the resources I’ll need to do it before I can achieve my goals. For me it’s not a matter of “if” it’s a matter of when. Thanks again Suzie 🙂

    1. Wow! Sounds like you have a great system in place. If I was a betting woman, and sometimes I am, I’d bet on you. I also think you’ll get there quicker than you think. Just keep your eyes on the what and the way will take care of itself, often much faster.

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