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Many years ago, I think around 2006, the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne came out. It was surrounded by much hoopla as she climbed and dominated all of the bestseller lists. The movie of the same name had come out earlier that year and started making waves, but the book was the true catalyst to the movement that would transpire in the following months.

I picked up the book on a whim and took it home. On my next day off, I put the kettle on to make tea and cracked the book to give it a go while waiting for the water to boil. The next thing I knew, I put the book down because the throat clenching smell of a pot boiled dry demanded my attention. I made myself wait until I had tea in hand before I allowed myself to return to reading.

The Book Resonated Within Me

Back in college, I remembered when Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz made the rounds in my circle of friends. Then a battered copy of Richard Bach’s novel Illusions, followed a few weeks later. Reading them was cool, it was exciting. It made us feel like we had insider knowledge and some sort of edge on the world. We eventually moved on from the subject, our attention focused on part-time jobs, full class schedules, and smoking for hours in coffeehouses as we discussed other shiny bits of knowledge that came our way.

About 16 years later, here I was curled in a chair as The Secret brought back a wash of memories that poured over me. It’s a quick book, broken into smallish chapters, but it brought back that feeling of insider knowledge and power from college. I immediately bought a copy for my sister, but I think it was a little too much for her and she never seemed to give it a lot of thought.

The Fad Fades, Kind of…

The Secret caught on like a hula hoop or pet rock, initially blowing up in a giant way, then becoming the butt of many a joke. Getting something just because you think about it? Creating your own reality? Well I guess there are just too many cynics in the world. (I will say it is a very simplified version of the Law of Attraction.)

But for others, it led them to seek out more teachers, more abundance, and more control over their own lives. It sparked a growth in the amount of books, teachers, programs, and websites devoted to deliberate creation using the Law of Attraction. So for many, it was a gateway.

Personal Experience with The Secret

As for myself, I went through a period of deliberate creation where I put my focus and drive into the wants and needs of my family. I put down payments on vacations and always managed to find ways to pay for the trips. The focus was always on things or experiences, which can be arguably said is just life. I moved from one thing to the next, manifesting some pretty great things, but ignoring my overall day to day life.

I went on to find other teachers, reading Napoleon Hill’s classic, Think and Grow Rich, taking a course by Bob Proctor, and discovering MindValley, delighting in all their Masterclass webinars. Things would go very well, and then I’d slip back into poor habits and scattered focus. And as I slipped, our lives would become normalized and dominated by the usual day to day routines.

Years later, I began to wonder how we could break free from our routines. I knew, of course, what we had to do and how to do it. This became the journey that would take us from really good day to day life to our amazing now. Trying to figure out how to vacation in Florida became an address in Florida. Dinners out stopped being at the Chili’s in front of the mall (but we do have one here, in front of the mall, if that strikes our fancy) to restaurants over the water. Seafood became what we picked up at the local farmer’s market or on the docks, not what was on sale in the freezer aisle. Beach vacations were traded in for beach evenings after work.

We always said we’d retire here one day. And in a way, we will. We just didn’t wait until we retired to get here. And I’ll tell you, there’s something magical about living where you used to vacation.

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