There can be a lot of confusion surrounding manifesting, but it’s really very simple. To manifest something simply means to receive it or to bring it about. There are many different ways to manifest something in your life. Let’s explore manifesting a little more.

You Say Tomayto, I Say Tomahto

So you want a tomato. For a couple of days you’ve been craving a salad and on that salad you want a tomato that has a nice firm flesh with a juicy sweet center just bursting with flavor. Or maybe you think the perfect hamburger has to have a thick slice of tomato. It doesn’t matter why you want the tomato, you just want it. There are many different ways to obtain a tomato.

One way would be to grab your wallet and head out to a grocery store or farmer’s market. There you peruse the selection, sniffing and gently squeezing. You pick one up and it looks perfect and still has that green vine smell. Yes, this is the one. You pull out your wallet, pay for this tomato and return home.

When I was a kid, we had a lake cabin. Most weekends and several weeks during the summer, were spent at this cabin.  Every spring, my dad put in a quarter acre vegetable garden. For tomatoes, we would start the seeds indoors, in their little black containers in a sunny spot by the back door until the seedlings were about a foot tall. My dad would till the soil and then we’d soak the ground. Carefully, often walking on our knees, we’d transplant the seedlings into the wet soil. As they grew taller, some varieties needed cages to help keep them upright. Usually the smaller cherry tomatoes didn’t need cages, making due with the mounds of soil we kept banked up around the base of the plant. After a couple of months of weeding, watering, and tending, we would get our first round of tomatoes. These we usually fried while they were still green so we could enjoy the fruits of our labor before they were ripe. Soon, we would have all the tomatoes we could handle. Tomatoes would be coming off the vine quicker than we could eat them. (And squash, beans, cucumbers, whatever else was growing in our big garden.)

When we would come back to town on Sunday evenings, we often had giant bags of produce for the week. As the season progressed, we had so much produce that we would load up big paper grocery bags to give away. Our immediate neighbors were used to this, but no less delighted when we knocked on their door with free vegetables, the big fat tomatoes perched on top so they didn’t bruise. Further down the street were people we didn’t really know. They had no idea we had a lake cabin and that my dad delighted in a giant garden. Yet sometimes the overflow was so big, we’d knock on their doors and introduce ourselves. When we’d offer them the produce, some would try to buy it from us, but we didn’t take their money. (Okay, there was one lady that was tricky about this! She would always give us $2 to take down to the store on the corner for cokes since we looked thirsty.)

Now, in the story of the Sunday evenings is another way to get your tomato. Plenty of times in my life I have given tomatoes, free of charge, and seemingly out of the blue. Other than the immediate neighbors, we were given no direction about where to take the extra produce. It was just our job to “distribute” it. So who do you think got the bounty? The creepy man on the corner that stared at us while he hand watered his yard but never spoke to us? Um, no. The people that had the mean dog that always jumped the fence and chased us back home? Nope. The lady that smiled and waved and always bought our Girl Scout Cookies? Oh, absolutely. But often on the biggest weeks of produce, we’d just pick someone. I’d like to think those people just wanted a tomato and we knocked on the door, seemingly out of the blue.

Manifesting Three Ways

So as we look at the tomatoes, you can see that they can manifest in three ways. The first way is direct action: going and buying a tomato. The second way is also direct action: growing your own tomato. The third way is to manifest a tomato, seemingly out of the blue when someone gives you a tomato.

With these three ways of manifesting, there is not one better than the other. Sure, two are easier than one of them, but one is not correct and the others wrong. They are all valid. All three will get you were you want to go.

We manifested our new lives using a combination of all three forms of manifestation. Some things were simple action, like exchanging money for what we wanted. Some were longer forms of action, like packing and sorting the house that could’ve been shortened by hiring help and movers. Others were seemed more out of the blue, like selling in house in hours for more than we expected or the windfall money from my husband’s old company.

Manifesting with the Law of Attraction

So do you have to believe in the Law of Attraction to manifest things? No, absolutely not. Do I believe that you can manifest things using the Law of Attraction? Absolutely yes. Do I believe that people who naysay the Law of Attraction manifest things using the law? Oh yes. I honestly believe that you get what you think about, positive and negative.

However, what most people get wrong about Law of Attraction is that sometimes you have to take action to receive what you desire. Many people try to manifest things solely through thought, and I’m not saying that never happens. Sometimes it does. However, sometimes the law leads you to impulses that lead you to inspired action. That inspired action then leads you to what you desire.

Manifesting your desired life is not an either/or kind of thing. It’s one step after another in the direction of your desires. Sometimes it’s a step back, often for reasons unknown, that allows you to directly align later with the outcome you desire.

Think of it more like a dance. A dance made up of one step will lead you only so far and grow boring. A dance made of different steps takes you around the dance floor. Throwing in a twirl or step back allows the dance to progress into something beautiful. And that beauty is a manifested life.


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2 thoughts on “So What Does Manifesting Mean?

  1. Hi there thanks for sharing this awesome post!

    I am manifesting the life of my dreams, I’m imagining and working very hard to make it happen, I love how you used the tomato example!
    Thanks for sharing and have a great day

    1. Thanks Anis. Using multiple ways to manifest your dreams is the way to go. Keep visualizing and working, it’ll happen!

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