Living a life of deliberate creation is like owning a car. Once you purchase the car there are still things you must do.

There’s long term maintenance that must be monitored on a consistent basis. How much fuel do you have? Are the windows clean enough to see where you are going? What kind of weather are you encountering? Do you have the right windshield wipers and tires? How are those tires anyway? Have they been rotated lately? What’s the tread like?

Awareness happens when you operate the vehicle. If you’ve been driving a car for a while, most of these things are almost subconscious. Do you know what route you are taking? What’s the speed limit? Should you brake? Should you accelerate? Is that car coming into my lane? Red light. Green light. Yellow light. Blinker on, watch for pedestrians and animals, speed limit. All these things you continually check when you drive, you just don’t always think much about them even if you are an attentive driver.

Manifesting your desires are a surefire way of knowing you are rolling on high vibrations, but the big ones don’t always happen on a daily basis. Smaller daily intentions can and will manifest if you set and expect them. You must perform maintenance and be aware of your vibrational frequency.

Here are (Not Quite) a Dozen of High Vibration Indicators

1) You feel good. Many people are not in the habit of taking their daily mood temperature. Some people are naturally sunny, and others may have spent too long just getting by. It’s natural to find ourselves overwhelmed, super busy, and stressed by simply getting on with our days and tasks. We often don’t stop to check our feelings. Even if you are a sunny person, you may find yourself shining even brighter. You may find yourself whistling through mundane tasks. Singing in the car, maybe a little too loudly for your passengers, is one example. Finding yourself suddenly done with mundane tasks is another.

2) People will randomly speak to you. They may strike up a conversation while you are in line for coffee or comment on your shoes in the grocery store. You may find others will ask you questions on the beach or in a parking lot. At the store or bank, employees may open an additional checkout lane or teller window for you even when there isn’t much of a wait. Old friends will call from out of the blue. The mail may deliver an unexpected greeting card. People near and far will feel your vibrations and they will desire to interact with you.

3) The other side of that coin is that other people will simply “bounce” off of you. The friend who only complains when you talk on the phone with them may not call or if they do, something comes up and the call gets cut short. You may not even notice if someone honks at you in traffic. And if you do notice something or someone unpleasant, you don’t pay it any mind at all. It’s fleeting and then forgotten.

4) Animals are great at monitoring vibrations. My cat Nargle is not much of a cuddly boy. A good 80% of his love is demonstrated within a half hour of feeding time. Unless it’s super cold, he’s not a lap boy and if there aren’t any fresh seashells on my desk (They smell like fish, mama!) he only shows up at kibble time. Yet, when I get rolling he follows me from room to room and takes long naps on my desk. It’s not just pets either. Birds may sing or otherwise amuse you. Wildlife may not scurry as quickly during an encounter.

5) Daily commutes get easier. You may find great parking spaces, catch green lights, and find yourself on the front side of daily traffic with an easy ride home. If you take public transportation, you will find yourself syncing up with train and bus arrivals. Open seats will be easy to find and trips will be quicker.

6) Déjà vu, the feeling of having previously encountered a situation or experience, is considered by some as metaphysical. Long before I encountered the terms Law of Attraction and manifesting through Law of Attraction, I considered Déjà vu as a trail marker that I was on the right path. Science offers many different explanations on the phenomenon, often varying from one another on why and how it happens. I choose not to focus on the why and how, instead I take it as a sign that all is well and I’m on my way.

7) Difficult situations and problems aren’t annoying to you. Much like negative people seem to bounce off of you, negative situations and problems can do the same. You may even find yourself wondering, “Why isn’t this bothering me?” Don’t question the why. Enjoy knowing that the Universe always has your back.

8) You find things, and not just items you have lost. You may find money in an old jacket pocket or laying in the street. Purchases that you desired but did not make in the past may turn up on a clearance rack at a deep discount. I recently had a spectacular day with my family. We had a great time at the beach, awesome dinner out, and when we came home I found a garnet bracelet that had been missing for two years! It was just lying in the hallway. The big kicker is that we moved last year! I kept thinking it would turn up when we were packing the old house, but it never materialized. Yet here it was, 1200 miles away from where I’d lost it.

9) You get strong impulses or sudden desires. Maybe you take a different exit on the freeway and unknowingly avoid a fender bender. Most of us have heard a story where somebody was supposed to be somewhere and changed their mind at the last second thereby avoiding a tragic situation. Perhaps you have the impulse to go to dinner somewhere other than your original plan and then you meet someone who has a great piece of information that you needed. If you are out and have the impulse to speak to someone, do it. You never know who the Universe will guide your way.

10) Along with the strong impulses and desires, you may feel compelled to help someone out or lend them a hand. Just as the Universe guides people to you, you are guided to them. Maybe this time it’s some information they need that you know or something done that you can easily do for them. Pay it forward!

11) There may be a change in sleep patterns or dreams. You may have so much energy you don’t sleep as much or you may sleep longer and deeper, replenishing your mind and body. Maybe you have spectacular dreams when previously you rarely remembered dreaming at all. If you are a sluggish riser (that’s me!), you may find yourself uncharacteristically springing from bed.

These things may seem like little synchronicities as you go through your day and yes, you will find what you seek, but all of them can indicate a high vibration.

Do you notice little changes in your day when you are on a roll? What kinds of things do you experience when everything’s coming up roses? I’d love to hear about them so leave me a comment below.



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