Negative whispers in the back of your mind are lowering your vibration. What if you could lose your fear and raise your vibration right now? No matter your circumstances, in a matter of minutes, you can start have new thoughts and feelings.
Negative thoughts are fear. What if I don’t have enough money? What if I never have another relationship? What if no one likes me? At the basis, it is fear.
The following exercise was a part of an Abraham Hicks workshop. The gentleman in the hot seat was very prosperous. But he worried that even as he was building great wealth, each check he received would be the last. He wasn’t enjoying his wealth. He still held on to fear.
Apply this exercise where you may hold negative beliefs and thoughts. It could apply to love, satisfying work conditions, finances, life in general. 

You should have a positive, good feeling in regards to the subject when you finish the exercise. And while you may be thinking, that’s all well and good, but the negative thought(s) will return. And you’re right. Once you start a habitual thought, it becomes a belief. But the way to change the belief is the same way you built it. By repeating that thought over and over. So when you think that thought, have that worry, and feel that fear, do the exercise. Due diligence and repetition will replace that fear. You cannot have a high vibration and a low vibration at the same time, so choose which one and practice it.
It is that simple. But you do have to reach for that good feeling thought over and over. It may seem clumsy at first. Artificial, even. But keeping on with it will cause you to lose your fear and raise your vibration!
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