Games are a great way to play with the Universe. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the Law of Attraction or if you have been manifesting for a while. Playing a manifesting game is one of the easiest ways to boost your creative powers and confidence.

Even seasoned deliberate creators can find themselves in a bit of a slump. Maybe you are focusing too big or have a sense of doubt. Maybe you have been stuck with something you want too much, or you’ve been focusing on too hard so you haven’t been able to allow it. Having a day of play can distract you from the focus that you have been chasing and allow the universe to bring it to you instead.

A Day Out with the Doubles Game

Recently my sister was visiting for a long weekend. We decided to take my mother out for a ladies’ only day. The night before, as I was lying in bed setting my intentions for the following day, I decided it would be a great opportunity for a game. I had been playing Quarters for a while, a game in which I find coins everywhere I go or get surprised when a purchase is 25% off, but I wanted to shake it up and have a little fun.

I set my intention to have a wonderful, carefree day with my mom and sister doing something fun. During the day, the universe would show me Doubles. To give you an idea, I usually find things like twins where ever we go, like the store or the beach. I also see two identical cars next to each other in parking lots, numbers, such as receipt totals, have a double in them. Items that have a double nine ($2.99, $3.99 and so on) are easy to find because of common pricing models. I don’t discount these, but when I find doubles outside that model, it’s more fun. Prices like $8.44 or $10.55 are even more exciting because if you double the number that’s double, that number is there too.

After a morning at the Farmer’s Market and a leisurely lunch, we decided to head to The Shell Factory and Nature Park in Ft Myers. While there is way more to do than just visit the shopping portion, like petting zoos, zip lines, and restaurants, today was about the gift shop (they claim it’s the world’s largest souvenir store).

Throughout the store, they have different rooms with themes and lots, I do mean LOTS of kitsch. There are tons of shells, of course, but also unexpected things like a giant room of taxidermy with local wildlife as well as big game animals from Africa and a room with pirate animatronics that tell punny jokes. As you wind through the store, you have no idea what you will find next.

Zoltar fortune telling machine

A Fortunate Rest

After perusing about half the store, we stepped over to a pair of benches set in a little nook so my mother could rest a few minutes. What I did not see as we rounded the corner is one of those old fashioned fortune telling machines. I really love these things, I always have and always will, so I immediately start digging out my wallet.

This machine was a bit different from the one’s I had played with in the past. It wasn’t a gypsy or mystic, it was a grizzled old sea captain. What better machine for a Florida tourist trap? I stepped up, slipped in my dollar and watched the show. Then, it was time for the big payoff, my fortune! I took the ticket and read it to my mom and sister.

This particular machine was made by Characters Unlimited, the same people that make the Zoltar Speaks machines that are far more common that the sea captain. If you aren’t familiar with how these machines work, the fortunes are continuously attached tickets and bundled into a packet that gets loaded into the machine.

Not to be left to unknown fates, my sister did the next reading followed by my mom. We all read our fortunes to each other, delighting in our assured prosperity.

After shopping the rest of the store, as we were paying for some purchases, I saw him: Zoltar! Oh, man. I just love Zoltar, so I rushed over and put my dollar in the slot. I relished the Zoltar show and eagerly awaited my fortune. When I took the ticket, my jaw dropped. The fronts of the fortunes were different, but I got the exact same fortune on both cards!

I immediately told my sister and mom to come get their fortune in the same order that we visited the Sea Captain machine. My rational was to see if the fortune packets just happened to be in the exact same place. If that was the case, the next two fortunes would be the same. Nope, this wasn’t the case. They both got new fortunes.

How much fun was this? I was so excited my vibration was through the roof! Everything we did the rest of the day was golden. Red lights? Didn’t catch a one. Busy restaurant? Table for three available without a wait. The radio? Nothing but sing along songs all the way home. The Universe can be playful and it makes for a wonderful day.

How to play the Doubles Game

Early in the morning or before going to bed the night before, sit and quiet yourself for a moment. Set forth your intentions to play with the Universe and have a really fun day doing it. Think, or say (whichever you are comfortable with) something along the lines of “I intend to see doubles, like twins, pairs, and duplicates today. This is going to be fun.”

Every time you notice a double, smile and acknowledge it with a quick word or thought of appreciation.

Have you ever played a manifesting game? What were the results? I’d love to hear about it so leave me a comment below.



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