When you begin to live a life of deliberate creation, it can be hard to know what to do. People often do not have daily habits for success. Some throw themselves into manifesting with the Law of Attraction like they had only 8 weeks to train for a marathon.

Leave me alone, I’m busy manifesting. I need my million dollars by next Friday. I wrote my goals on this card and I can see the check in my hand. Yes, yes! I need a million dollars by next Friday. I believe, I believe! The Universe is going to give me a million dollars by next Friday!

Now, I’m not going to say it’s impossible to manifest a million dollars in a short amount of time. I believe it certainly is possible. Money comes from out of the blue all the time, lottery winners for example. I believe in “Lightning Strike Manifestations” and have experienced quite a few of them, but living a life of deliberate creation is a system I use to live every single moment with the most joy that can be found.

Daily habits can keep you on track, bring you balance and harmony on your journey, and help you manifest success. And the good news is, you don’t have to devote large blocks of time to these systems. Several of them can be done during other tasks like driving or even brushing your teeth.

Visiting Your Goals

In Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, it is advised to read your written goals out loud twice a day, once first thing after arising and another just before crawling into bed. That’s easy to do. Now, what do you do every single night before you go to bed and again when you arise? I’m willing to bet a pretty penny that it involves the bathroom.

If you are okay with just reading your goals and feeling the emotion of having already achieved these goals, you can tape your goal card (or mini visualization board) onto the mirror. This allows you to achieve this process while brushing your teeth.

If you want to speak them aloud, as he suggests in the book, you can just pause before you brush (or shave or what have you) and conjure that emotion as you proclaim your goals to the world.

I have mine in the upper corner of my bathroom mirror. When I first began, I would often forget them. Moving the card to the very center of the mirror for a couple of weeks helped garner this new habit.

Another system that I used with success was the coffeepot method. Every night, just before I retire, I set up my coffeepot. I would fill the water reservoir, measure my grounds and speak my goal. Then, I would prop the goal card up on a recipe card holder in front of the coffeepot. In the morning, I would speak my goal and tuck it into the cabinet with the coffee and filters. Easy peasy and didn’t add more than two minutes at night or in the morning.

Look at the natural rhythm of your before and after bed habits and you will find some way to incorporate your goal card or other goal representation.


This is one process that you will have to carve out time out to do, but it doesn’t have to be a lot of time. Fifteen to twenty minutes will get you into that sweet spot. To get the most centering benefits from meditation, morning is usually best. However, meditating at any time of the day is better than not meditating at all.

One of my dirty little secrets is that I can’t meditate first thing in the morning. I could sleep for twelve hours, get up, move to my comfy chair, and if I try to meditate I will slip right back into sleep! I do try to keep it in the morning hours, but when schedules don’t allow it, I just wedge it in where ever I can. Since I often need to drive my mother to doctor’s appointments, I have become fond of parking lot meditation.

If you have issues falling asleep, meditating before bed can often provide an extra benefit of transitioning to a successful night of sleep. This is particularly helpful if you are one of those people who feel tired but the second their head hits the pillow they start replaying their day or plotting out tomorrow’s issues. If you’ve meditated and then gone to bed, each time an issue arises, gently remind yourself that this is the time for rest and distract yourself from issues of worry. My husband successfully uses this method quite a bit.

Inspiration and Personal Growth

Spending fifteen to thirty minutes a day on personal inspiration or growth is immensely rewarding. There are a wide variety of tools that are available these days: books, audio books, online classes, and YouTube are ripe with teachers and methods.

When I commuted in Atlanta, I was a fan of audio books. My morning drive was often thirty minutes, but the afternoon ride home was double or triple that. Since I was the keyholder to our branch (no one could enter the building without me), I had to leave a large buffer of time for morning traffic snarls. More often than not, I had downtime in the parking lot before my coworkers arrived. I really wish Audible had existed back in those days.

These days I dovetail my personal growth/inspiration with breakfast. When my breakfast is ready, I eat at my desk and watch a YouTube video or if I’m taking an online class, I will watch some of the video from that. If the piece is longer than fifteen minutes or so, I’ll simply note my place so I can pick up where I left off the next day.

Public transportation (buses and trains) lend themselves well to all of the above. Books require no batteries or data plans, so they are a great option. However with a good smartphone and a set of earplugs, you can make commuting downtime into your ticket for growth.

Deliberate Action

Deliberate action towards your goals is widely varied. If you have a family and you are gathering steam for your side hustle, scheduling time for deliberate action is very important. If you work for yourself and are just getting started, a set schedule can help you transition to success. You may not even have the same amounts of time available on each day.

Setting a time goal for deliberate action is helpful. When I first began working for myself, I tracked my hours spent on each activity and then would put my earnings down so I could see what my time was worth. When you have a long tail project that takes a lot of work up front before you reap the monetary rewards, it allows you to see that you are devoting time to your project and making progress.

You should consider time of rejuvenation as important as action. Heck, rejuvenation is action. I often set aside time to walk the beach, schedule a long phone call or skype with an old friend, or even watch TV. (TV is my guilty pleasure, but I only watch it once or twice a week unless we are having family movie time on the weekends.) Balancing rejuvenation with action is key to manifesting your goals. If you are tired and burned out, law of attraction will only bring you more of the same.

Mindfulness of the Now

There’s good news and bad news on the daily practice of mindfulness. The bad news is that it will take you all day, every day. The good news is that it is the ultimate multitasker. Being present in every moment is one of the single most powerful things you can do for manifesting what you desire and achieving your goals.

Honestly, I felt silly for the first week or so that I focused on being present in the moment. Did I really need to focus on my shower or doing the dishes? Yet, next to meditation, this has been one of the most powerful tools for leading a deliberate life. It leads to gratitude and appreciation and allows you to stay in the receiving mode. Often some of the best ideas that come to me happen when I am focused on the now of something other people would consider mundane.

One of the other benefits of being present in the now is that there really are not that many mundane chores anymore. For example, I used to be annoyed when I walked the dog. I would think of all the time I was wasting because she is, frankly speaking, a picky pooper. Now I appreciate the beauty of the yard, delight in watching butterflies, and really feel any rain on my skin. It can get a little tricky in the hot summer sun of southwest Florida, but on those days, I am mindful of the shade from my hat or the palm tree in the front yard.

Now, did I just tell you to be present in each moment, focusing on what you are doing in the same article as I told you to watch videos while you eat breakfast? Does that seem like a contradiction to you? Well sure, and it leads to my next point.

Be Easy with Yourself

For many people, our harshest critic is ourselves. We push ourselves to perform at certain levels, be certain things, and do things in a particular way. There are many people who follow a daily program such as this that beat themselves up if they miss one of the processes.

Oh, I missed meditating today. I’m never going to be a millionaire.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Chill. Relax. You’ve got this. So many people make themselves crazy. If you didn’t have a chance to meditate, it’s okay. There’s tomorrow. But wait, you said be present in the now. Yes, I did. So don’t make yourself crazy in the now for something you didn’t do then.

I repeat: Don’t make yourself crazy in the now for something you didn’t do then.


Appreciation and Gratitude

The last process that I have on my daily to-do list is showing appreciation and gratitude. I take out my pen and paper and go old school on a notebook for about ten minutes a day, sometimes twenty if I’m on a roll.

I first began the process many years ago when I went through Julia Cameron’s The Artists Way. As you work her program, you get up and spend the first thirty minutes of every single day writing whatever comes to mind. You put no effort into thinking, you just write. Often my pages started with, “I really wish I was still asleep. I wish I had started the coffeepot. Why am I doing this again?” It’s a serious stream of consciousness brain dump journal. Often I would go back a few pages and re-read what I had written and think wow, I sound like a lunatic!

At the end of the program (I think it was 12 weeks, don’t quote me), I decided to keep with the morning stream of consciousness writing, but with two major changes.

1) It would be decidedly with coffee in hand

2) I would reach for positive thoughts of gratitude and appreciation and go from there.

Now I still do my daily positive journaling, but it is far more portable. When I leave the house for any reason and I haven’t gotten to it, I pop a pen and my notebook into my bag. Arriving early for a coffee date, or again in the doctor’s waiting room (or car in the parking lot) while I wait on my mother, all these are great opportunities to do my daily positive thoughts journaling.

As I do my daily journaling, I make sure I am reaching for a feeling of joy, appreciation, and gratitude. Since this is my main focus for this process, I will also substitute a 20-30 minute nature appreciation session. If I find myself with a little time to kill, I’ll often pop over to the beach and sit on the boardwalk. As I am staring out over the water being present with the sea breeze on my skin and smell of salty air in my nose, I achieve joy, appreciation, and gratitude in a heartbeat. During those times, I leave my journal in my bag. After all, it’s the feeling not the process itself that we are going after.

These processes and habits have really helped me on my journey to manifesting our new life. I’ve had tremendous success with them.

Do you have any processes and habits that you practice on a daily basis? Do you think they help you achieve your goals? I’d love to hear about them so leave them in the comments below.



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2 thoughts on “Daily Habits for Manifesting Success

  1. This is a really great page. I’ve bookmarked it FYI, I’ve been finding myself constantly in bad moods when it feels I’m not achieving my goals, but I also realised that I don’t write them down, say them aloud or keep my goals in my head all the time. You’ve made some great suggestions here which I will be incorporating into my daily routine now. Thank you so much for this page!

    1. You’re welcome. You make a valid point about goals being tied to well-being. The trick is to keeping them in mind while not obsessing about progress. Another tip to help you keep your goals in mind is to pick a ringtone or wallpaper on your smart phone that represent them so they are brought to mind often. Good luck!

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