At the beginning of 2015, my husband and I decided we would deliberately change our lives. Not the lets loose five pounds kind of change, more of a completely rock our own world and go for our dreams change. We began by having a weekly coffee date, just the two of us, where we would compare notes, thoughts, and ideas about what this exactly meant. We were far enough in our personal growth that we knew we had to focus more on what we wanted rather than get caught up in the details of how we would get it.

This had always been a bit of a sticky point to us. We were very, very good at deciding what we wanted, but we would let reality define our goals and things would go awry. This didn’t mean that we weren’t manifesting things; we were just manifesting small things. We were not being deliberate creators.

We knew that we wanted to move away from the area that had been home for the last eleven years. We wanted a big change, one that would give us a lifestyle that we loved. And while the sky truly is the limit for manifesting things, if you do not believe it is possible, if it is so very out of reach that only matching six numbers and a Powerball can deliver it, you will choke yourself. For instance, if we had decided we would uproot the family (we would also be moving my mother along with us) to Monaco and buy a mansion overlooking the sea, I can assure you we would still be sitting in our old house trying to figure out how.

Florida has always been a vacation favorite for us. We took annual trips to Walt Disney World and visited my grandmother who was born just a few miles from where we now live. Every time we would visit Florida, from the first time I brought my husband here in 2000, we would talk about what it would be like to live here. Florida Map

During our weekly coffee dates, we would research different places and areas in Florida. We would look at cost of living (much like other places it varies in different areas of the state), insurance rates, job availability, housing availability, and other factors. As we knew that we wanted to be within 30 minutes of beaches, our main question was east coast, west coast, or panhandle? We would find a community or area and “drive it” on Google Maps. We’d spend hours on real estate websites and dig through Facebook groups by locals in these areas.

Donate, Sell, Toss, or Move?

As we knew that we did want to go (just not quite where yet, but go nonetheless!) I began the task of clearing the clutter in the house. To make sure that we set our intentions, I packed up some noticeable, but not needed in everyday life, things like my china cabinet. We made a staging area for boxes and I started on the house.

As we focused in on Florida, I focused on closets, cabinets, Christmas decoration tubs, and the pride of my living room: my book wall. Yes, I am a bookaholic. I had an entire wall full of shelves packed tight as a tick. In addition to the shelves, I had another large bookcase, ripe to burst and box after box after box of books in storage.

books covering an entire wall
It wasn’t quite this bad, but it was close!

Armed with my e-reader, it was a bit easier than I had anticipated letting them go. Some were very easy, I wasn’t sure why I had kept them at all. Others were yellowed paperbacks that were available on my kindle. For several months, I would take a carload to my local Half Price Books and let them sort it out. (I really love that you don’t have to take books back if they don’t want to buy them. The leftovers will be donated or recycled if you like.)

As we cleared the clutter, we gathered steam. We began to view things in a new light and question objects. Do we actually use this? Is the sentimental value real or just nostalgia for nostalgia’s sake? Why do we think we can’t let go of this particular item? Every packed box strengthened our intentions. Every item sold or donated lightened the load. I’m sure there was a good Feng Shui lesson in there. Towards the end of our time in that house, everything was so pleasing. Clear surfaces became a new balm for my soul.

To maintain focus as we dealt with daily life, we revisited a trick we had used when we decided to leave Atlanta and move home to Texas. We bought a state map and hung it on the wall where we would see it several times every day. In Georgia, our Texas map was on a corkboard at the top of the stairs. There were pins in it showing every city that had a branch of the company that I was employed with at the time. The little green flags designated our target area. It took us less than six months from the time we started talking about moving to rolling across state lines. Once we hit the target date for me to request a transfer, everything fell into place, happening quickly and easily. We wanted that again.

Our Florida map was above small table that we used as our in and out of the house catch all. Keys, change, wallets, purses, backpacks, mail, and the like went on that table. It was the first stop when we arrived home and the last thing when we left. This time there were no pins, no corporate transfer safety net, just a highlighted coastline running from Tampa Bay down to Charlotte Harbor, our finalized target area.

Taking the Leap

To close friends we had occasionally mentioned wanting to move away and everyone would smile and nod. In truth, we had probably started mentioning it years earlier, but this was different. As we declared our intentions we set down a timeline for moving. We would put the house on the market just as the 2015/2016 school year was ending. We intended to be in our target area of Florida by the end of Summer 2016. (We moved into our house here on May 16, 2016.)

Everything left over from the sales was donated or put to the curb with a sign.

When we held the first giant garage sale in spring 2015, we mentioned it to neighbors. At that point, we did not have our target area nailed down so when we were asked where we were going, we would just say Florida. When they asked for specifics like where in Florida or where we would be working, we would smile and truthfully say, “We don’t know yet.” At that point some of them would start acting like they had encountered a brazen panhandler that made them uncomfortable.

Our final garage sale was that fall, and while we could give them our target area on a map, we still couldn’t tell them specifics. This didn’t seem to make things better. The neighbors would smile and nod as they would peruse the furniture that we no longer wanted on the driveway. (There was a lot of it!) Both sales had been heavy on items from my mother’s storage rooms and unused in years. One couple was overheard commenting that we were “flat out crazy” as they hauled off our excess garden tools.

The Money Question

When we decided to make the move, we were careful to softly ask the money question. We were the typical American family: a mortgage, a couple of car payments, and too many credit cards. We had an emergency fund, but hardly enough to move the household across country and pay bills while we found jobs. For years as we would work the Law of Attraction, we would find that while we weren’t living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, cash would always turn up and things would always work out for the best.

After carefully observing our car habits, we realized that very rarely would my car get driven that my husband’s car wasn’t in the driveway. After crunching the numbers to see which car would have the most money left over after payoff, my husband’s Toyota departed the family. This also gave us a monthly boost by cutting our auto insurance premium. Once it was gone, I pretended like it wasn’t, throwing the car payment towards our credit cards.

We focused on manifesting money with the intent on moving, not reducing debt. Focusing on the debt is often a mistake people make when wanting to increase their abundance. Law of Attraction cannot tell if a focus is positive or negative, so if you keep saying debt, debt, debt, you often get more debt. Our focus was on freedom, freedom to move and financial freedom.

We attracted a windfall of the blue. Years earlier my husband had worked for a company that had a pension plan. We were young, financially uneducated, and unaware of this pension fund. When the company closed the plant, there may have been a letter that went unnoticed or simply forgotten. And here it was, all these years later, a letter notifying us that we had 30 days to contact them about this fund or we would receive a check for the amount, minus any age penalties and taxes. The other option would be to roll it over into a 401k or other retirement plan. Since this was money that we were not even aware existed, we let them send a us a nice fat check. They grossly overestimated the amount of taxes withheld so as a bonus in early 2016, we got a nice fat tax return.

While we don’t speak of our finances with others often, when we did during this period, it seemed odd to them that we weren’t just stashing money into savings. And that’s true. We spent it as quickly as we could get it, every little bit of it that we could find. Windfalls, garage sale money, clothes being sold through consignment stores, all of it was spent and focused on freedom. By the end of the year, all we had left was one small car payment and a mortgage. And when we sold the house, the mortgage would be gone.

At this point we realized that even if we did not move, even if we stayed right where we were, we had already changed our lives. This bolstered our intentions and we soldiered forth, we were close to smelling sweet salty air and we knew it.

Have you ever picked up and moved across the country (or world)? Would you ever? I’d love to hear about it, so leave me a comment below.



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14 thoughts on “Changing Our Lives

  1. Wow i love this, I admire you guys for taking the steps to make such major changes in life, kudos to you and I will be following your journey!

    1. Thanks Etaya. No matter how far we’ve come, we try to live as if the journey is just beginning. It keeps us excited for the adventures and growth that is still ahead.


  2. Hi Susie
    What a fun and inspiring journey!
    I strongly believe in the law of attraction and the part about debt especially hit home, I have been entirely too focused on reducing debt (i.e. the negative) as opposed to financial freedom. I had never thought about if it that way.I will make it a point to now focus on the end goal rather than the problem. Thanks so much for sharing your story and insight!

    1. Money is one of the trickiest areas for people applying the Law of Attraction, I think we make the stakes too high. Be easy with your money issues, think softly when you have to pay your bills, and imagine the feeling you will have when you are financially free. That emotion is a powerful focus that will help you achieve your goals.

      Thanks for the comment!


  3. Hello here. You have an inspiring article here. The description of your journey towards different life reminds me about the joy of planning, looking for new destinations and waiting for a time when I can go visit foreign country.
    You are right if we would sit in the same place, nothing will happen. So how when we make plans somebody helps us along the way. I believe in these things as from Paulo Coelho Alchemist when you have a dream, all world helps you.
    Thanks for the great read and all the best in your new place.

    1. Thanks Nemira. Coelho is an amazing source of inspiration for us and The Alchemist is definitely one of the books I kept, even though I have it on my kindle as well. I tend to re-read it every year or two. I also enjoy discovering and planning for new destinations to visit, We grow so much during travel and discovery, it’s really the best education available to us.

      May you discover a new travel destination soon!


  4. Hi Susie, your story kept me enthralled to the end, it is so interesting and inspiring! I guess many of us would make a lot of plans and some would never see them through. Your map idea serves as a good reminder and motivating factor, now I’m getting ideas in my head to implement something like that. It is amazing how much change you have brought into your life!

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. Visual reminders are powerful aids to help you retain focus on a goal and they can be applied to many different situations. The internet makes it even easier because you can find images of places you would like to visit (or relocate to) or items you want to purchase. Add a printer and bulletin board and you have an instant vision board.


  5. I like how you did your research, you were so thorough in checking things out and then you put your plan into action to get ready to move even though you didn’t know exactly where in Florida you were going to move to.

    I think it takes a lot of courage to do what you have done because that doesn’t look like an easy move at all as you had a lot to take care of and many things had to go right but you managed to do it.

    Well done for following your dreams and making it happen and using the law of attraction to your benefit along the way.

    1. Thanks Adrian. It was a big step, but the payoff is worth it. There were definitely a lot of ducks that had to be in a row, but I have found that if I positively believe in something, it happens.

  6. Congratulations on your move to Florida! I live in Florida and love it here and I know you guys will too. I’m so excited for you guys to take this opportunity of a lifetime!

  7. I love your article. i can sure relate to it.
    While we didn’t just up and sell and move from New York to Florida during our midlife we did sell and move because of retirement.
    It’s a coincidence that you moved exactly two months before we did.
    But we sold things and made the decision to move in six months we were settled in Florida.
    Where did you wind up and what do you think of your decision now a year and a half later?

    1. We’re in the Punta Gorda area, which we love. However, we will probably have to commit either towards Sarasota or Ft Myers to alleviate some of my husband’s commute. As for our decision, we wish we had done it years ago. I hope y’all are loving it here as much as we are!

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