Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires


Esther and Jerry Hicks


Esther delivers the teachings of Abraham, a gathering of Collective Consciousness, which communicates through her. Along with the Law of Attraction, the book explores how we came to be, how we feel, and how we live a vibrational life. Twenty-two processes are provided to help you improve your vibration and work through contrast (issues) in your life.


Open minded individuals who are interested in the Law of Attraction and improving their own well-being. It is great for a beginner learning to create their own reality as well as those already familiar with deliberate creation and desires to refresh their skills.

ASSESSMENT( strengths and weaknesses):

The books strengths lie within it’s positive uplifting message that we can have and be anything we truly desire. The language is straightforward, but there is a glossary for people who are new to Abraham’s teachings. If you are reading the book cover to cover, you probably will not need the glossary as the surrounding context should help keep you on track.

Ask and It Is Given is very self-empowering. It’s so much more than a Law of Attraction book. Reading through cover to cover, you will discover how to understand your emotions and how to control them. You will learn to take stock of how you really feel and react in day to day life and situations. The introduction to the emotional scale is straightforward and definitely fuel for thought. Many people will discover that they are living conditionally and that their emotions and moods are a reflection of others and situations, often seemingly out of their own control.

The first half of the book does a fantastic job introducing the concepts of controlling your own thinking and emotions. It explains the benefits of why you should care how you feel (beyond the obvious because we all know that anger makes us feel unsettled) but the second half of the book walks you through twenty-two different processes (exercises) to help you gain the self-control and higher emotions that make life better.

The section on each process describes when it is advantageous to utilize it and which emotional set points should be in place for you to get a benefit from the process. For instance, if you are feeling like you have too many things to do, you might use Process #10, The Place Mat Process. It’s best used when you are somewhere on the emotional scale between 2) Passion and 11) Overwhelment.  This broad range allows you to get the most from the process when you are in a wide variety of emotions, so even if you aren’t feeling particularly bad about the situation, you can still achieve a benefit.

Personally, I’ve read the book cover to cover, including the processes. Yet, I reach for it occasionally to find a process that will lead about improvement in my feelings and to help influence outcomes of many situations. Other times, I’ll see it on the shelf and open it at random, just to read a snippet for thought. (I’m a big fan of this, especially when I am about to do a task such as vacuuming or scrubbing the bathroom. I find the chore is more pleasant if I have something for my mind to mull over while my hands work. It makes the task seem quicker as well.)

While I am a Super Fan of eBooks, and both of my eReaders allow me to flag passages, highlight, and bookmark, I find that this book lends itself well to the trade paper format. I like to physically underline or highlight (mostly underline, often my highlighters disappear) passages as I read and I stick post it flags on certain passages that I often re-read.

The weakness lies with those readers who are put off by the notion of Esther channeling Abraham. Open minded individuals should give it a chance to see if the message of the book doesn’t outweigh any discord about how the message was received.


This book is both a great read and a handy tool for those who desire to take control of their lives and achieve their dreams.


Trade Paperback List Price: $14.99

eBook  List Price: $14.95

You can check Amazon by clicking the links below. When I last checked the trade paperback was even eligible for Prime.

Trade Paperback


Have you read Ask and It Is Given? How did you like it? Drop us a comment below with your thoughts.

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