Next weekend, the Abraham-Hicks workshop comes to Orlando. I’m really excited to announce that I’ve bought my seat and booked my hotel for this event.

I’m pretty new to the whole Abraham thing, but I’m not sure why. I’ve handled the books many a time, flipping through them, reading bits and pieces, and even recommending them to a friend. I’ll be honest here, the channeling thing was a bit off putting. I’m not sure why, I’m pretty open minded. I guess just a little leftover programming from my youth, probably from Vacation Bible School.

In my mind, Abraham Hicks and Wayne Dyer seem linked. I think maybe through the forewords in various books from each camp. I’m pretty down with Wayne, I’ve never found anything but positive enlightenment and encouragement from his books or his talks. At some point, I’m sure I’ll cover my thoughts on Dr. Dyer as a teacher because he was a powerful guide and though he has passed, there is still much wisdom and guidance from his material to be discovered. So if I’ve been good with Wayne Dyer, why wasn’t I good with Abraham, Esther, and Jerry?

Well, I guess I just wasn’t ready. I’m a firm believer that if you are not ready to hear a message, you will not hear it. Explanations will not stick, no matter how hard you try. (As a side note, I have given up explaining things to people in my personal life unless they first get specific on the topic. Talk about a game changer! It’s been fabulous.)

The Beach, the Stars, Appreciation, and Abraham

Last fall, as I was on the beach, in full gratitude mode, I found myself wondering if there wasn’t a better way to express my appreciation than the simple giving of thanks. The sun was setting, a cool breeze was blowing hair into my eyes, and the sand grew cooler below my feet. My husband began to gather up our gear, finding shoes in the waning light (learned that lesson!), tucking our water bottles back into our bag and folding up our chairs. The stars were out in full force and the beach was dark enough to see them reflected on the water. I kept musing on the difference between gratitude and appreciation.

Back in car, I saw I had a text waiting on me from my friend Belle, a dear friend who is a deliberate creator. As the conversation flowed later that evening, I told her of my appreciation/gratitude thoughts and she said, “Susie, you need some Abraham. I’ll send you a link.”

I wish I had that exact YouTube link to put here because it was magic. Extracted from one of the workshops, it was audio of a 15 minute or so conversation about the difference between gratitude and appreciation. It really resounded within me. I randomly picked another Abraham video from the sidebar and ended up watching quite a few more that night.

YouTube must contain hundreds of hours of Abraham workshops. Most videos are a simple picture with an excerpt of audio; a few are entire workshops, video and all. I have no idea how many of them I have made my way through, but the number has to be substantial. Most mornings I’ll start my day with coffee and 12-15 minutes of Abraham.

Some Thoughts on the Skepticism Surrounding Abraham

There’s a lot of skepticism around Esther (and in the past Jerry) Hicks. There’s always quite a bit around Law of Attraction, and when you couple that with a medium or channeling claim, it seems to really ratchet up the naysayers, non-believers, and outright haters. I’ve read a few of their comments and posts on various places online. And I’ve stopped reading them as well.

It doesn’t matter to me if the teachings come from the collective consciousness of what the Hicks call Abraham or if they come from Esther or not. I don’t even care if the audience has some plants in it, asking carefully scripted questions. It’s the message that I’m after. So far I haven’t heard anything negative from these workshops and clips. I haven’t read anything disagreeable in their books. I’ve heard a whole lot about meditation, love, allowing, and how if I am at my best, I can be of more service to others.

I just can’t find a lot wrong with that message.

If you’re interested in the teachings of Abraham, I suggest one of two paths.

  1. a) If you’re comfortable with the channeling, use the search feature on YouTube and start with some of the smaller clips.
  2. b) If you’re not sure about the channeling thing, get one of the books and skip the forward. Think of Abraham as just another author and see what the message brings to you.

I look forward to sharing my experiences from the workshop next weekend.



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