About Me

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Susie and I have been living a law of attraction lifestyle for the last decade, on and off. beach sunset

I was great at manifesting when I wanted to be, but not quite a deliberate creator. I had a fair understanding of the law of attraction, often seeing results in my life from both positive and well, not so positive points of attraction. Frankly put, I many times created my own mess, even recognizing it at times as it was happening, but wasn’t able to “put on the brakes.”

Combine my not so positive point of attraction with my realization that I was in my mid-forties and well, damn.

Time to Make a Change

I began a daily meditation practice and searching my desires to determine what I really wanted out of life. Along with my husband, we spent time mapping out how and where we wanted to live out our lives.

It was a little scary at first. Not only did we have to plan on moving our household, but we also needed to find somewhere my newly widowed mother would like to move. After a lot of research, we chose one of our favorite vacation destinations, Florida on the Gulf coast.

Best Laid Manifestations

We mapped out our steps, executed our plans, and now we are 20 minutes to our favorite beach and 45 minutes away from Siesta Key beach, which TripAdvisor just named the #1 beach in the United States. And yes, it is that awesome.

Join me as I share what I have learned during this journey and how I made midlife manifesting a daily practice, changing all of my family’s lives for the better.

Peace and blessings,


ps: The picture is my husband. I picked it because I’m a little camera shy and because it truly sums up our journey.

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