Calendar with highlighted scheduleLife can be so, well, daily. Schedules, habits, eating, sleeping, and routines all roll from one day to the other. Honestly, there are times when meals roll around that I think, didn’t I just feed y’all? I often stay so busy that the cat keeps better track of time than I do. Even when you are keeping high vibrations and appreciation through it all, play is a very important part of deliberate creation. Sometimes you have to recharge your soul to meet your goals.


Kick It Up a Notch

This week was our Floridaversary. One year ago we rolled into town, riding high in our spirits and the big moving truck. We were months ahead of our timeline and thousands above our financial goal. Life was amazing and it all fell right into place. The house, the jobs, the evenings on the beach, it’s all good.

A year later, we’re still out and about hitting the beach and visiting other favorite spots. Yet life creeps in and routines set in. My family is happier than we’ve ever been, but every once in a while, we still need to get out and kick it up a notch. We need to play on new playgrounds, discover new things, and eat salty picnics on new beaches.



Lighthouse on a beachLast Thursday, we made the trek down to Sanibel Island. It’s been on our to-do list for a while, but we’ve just exited high season and summer isn’t in full swing, so that morning we decided to pack a picnic and explore. We wrapped up our projects about 3 o’clock, packed a cooler with drinks and sandwiches, and grabbed our beach kit. By 3:30, we were on the road.

The drive was delightful. My sister was in town for Mother’s Day and Sanibel has been on her Florida Bucket list since she lived in Ft Lauderdale back in the mid-80’s. We took the scenic route through Ft Myers so she could drool at the neighborhoods surrounding the Ford/Edison Estates.


Crossing the Water

Lighthouse Beach on Sanibel IslandCrossing the water is symbolic for my family since moving. We have beautiful bridges in our area and many of the things we love are just over one or two of them. Crossing over, the scenery, the palms, and the water all reminds us of why we moved here. It helps keep us focused on our goals, so we have a tradition of never mindlessly crossing water. Each and every time we do, we take a mental vacation.

Our drive on the causeway to Sanibel Island was beautiful. The late afternoon sun was sparkling down on the smaller islands and the kiteboarders were cutting across the dazzling water. Traffic was light so we were able to take our time on the bridge and savor the view.



Lighthouse Beach Park

Fading sunlight behind palms and beachLighthouse Beach Park was the chosen destination for our play. It was recommended to us for the smaller size of the beach and easier access for my elderly mother, who has issues walking on all surfaces, but especially tricky sand. By the time she picked her way carefully to our spot, we had chairs and drinks out.

The Water was delightful, there on the eastern tip of the island.  The tide was going out and we had a great time shelling, splashing, and watching a sandbar appear out of the water. My son played with the hermit crabs and searched for shells. The tide and the beach were even easy enough for my mother to wade out and do some shelling of her own.

While there were a few people here and there, the late day crowd was light. I was able to get in a good 15 minute meditation on the beach, which is rare, but my favorite. After packing up, we explored the island in the soft twilight before heading home.



In the fading light, riding with the windows down and the stereo up, we drove the island roads. I put my arm out into the cooling air, letting it rise and fall with the wind currents like a child. By the time we started across the bridge back to Ft Myers, it was all I could do not to hang my head out the car window like a pup. I was filled to bursting with joy and excitement.

Sure, we have our local beach much closer. Yes, we would’ve all had a great time if we had just gone to Manasota Key. Yet, discovering someplace and something new in your area re0ally enhances your senses and spirit of play.  The added delight of discovery really helped us revel in the delight of the day.

No matter how well things are going, you have to recharge your soul to meet your goals. Play and discovery is a great way to do that. Do you have a favorite thing that helps you recharge? I’d love to hear about it, so drop me a comment down below.

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